Yogic Management of Menstrual Disorders


Yoga is for everyone, irrespective of age, gender, culture, community. Nevertheless, just as medical science is for everyone yet certain pills benefit certain conditions, specific practices of yoga can be used by women to deal with their specific physiological and mental conditions; the result being harmony and wellbeing at every level.

The majority of women go through three prominent stages at the physiological level: onset of puberty and menstruation, childbirth, and menopause. All three concern the reproductive system and related disorders are common.

The female reproductive system has a complex mechanism, therefore it is not surprising that it is also subject to frequent disturbances. Menstrual disorders are extremely common and are a source of continual suf ering for many women throughout their lives.

Specific yogic practices can help women deal with menstrual disorders. This Yoga Wellness Series will focus on these practices, which include: • Asana • Pranayama • Mudra • Bandha • Relaxation & Meditation • Mantra Chanting • Lifestyle enhancing practices • Discussion.

There will also be a session with a medical expert to clear doubts and develop understanding.

Instructions for participants to all classes:

  • The practices are suitable for all levels of flexibility and fitness

  • Please wear comfortable clothing for ease of movement

  • Ensure that you have not eaten for at least 2 hours before class

  • Next classes dates will be announced here once it is scheduled again.