Yogic management of Digestive Disorders


Yogic Management Of Digestive Disorders

In our ongoing endeavour to share yogic knowledge for the wellbeing of all, Atmadarshan Yogashram has been conducting health management programs once a month. Titled ‘Yoga for Wellness’, these are a series of 5-day programs held during the third week of every month.

Our focus is on experiencing vibrant health, vitality and dynamism through yogic management of digestive disorders.

The digestive system has a direct influence on one's daily life. When it is functioning optimally, the body - and by association the mind - feels light, active and that it can deal with anything. One is optimistic and cheerful. Equally when the digestive system is dysfunctional , the body and mind feels sluggish, constricted and unable to handle the daily inputs of life. Unfortunately, the later condition is experienced by many. Acidity, constipation, IBS, piles, obesity, poor appetite etc are some of the most commonly-heard words in our society.

Yoga is highly valuable tool in this context, as the practices have been found to effectively manage digestive disorders of all kinds - not only in alleviation of existing problems but also in their prevention.

During this Yoga for Wellness Series , we will explore the practices that specifically help to create or restore balance in the digestive system. The sessions each day will include asana, pranayama, practices of relaxation, inner exploration, and discussion along with dietary and lifestyle suggestions.

Instructions for participants to all classes:

  • The practices are suitable for all levels of flexibility and fitness

  • Please wear comfortable clothing for ease of movement

  • Ensure that you have not eaten for at least 2 hours before class

  • Next classes dates will be announced here once it is scheduled again.