Yoga Vidya

Yoga Vidya

As announced at the World Yoga Convention in Munger in 2013, the second chapter of yoga is living yoga as a lifestyle. In keeping with this vision we will be organizing sessions for sincere and serious sadhakas to learn many elements that will help them understand and experience the Yoga Chakra and the lifestyle component of the second chapter of Satyananda Yoga.

There will be one session each month. This will allow participants to assimilate what they have learnt and experience it at home. Practice at home and doing the ‘homework’ is an important and integral part of the second chapter as it involves sadhana and lifestyle adjustments.

In keeping with safety protocols which are applicable right now, the sessions will be held through Google meet. This a free session. All participants need to register with the ashram office through email. Please note that seats are limited.


The second chapter program is open to those devotees who have been practising yoga for at least the last 4 years. It is for their personal growth and sadhana and NOT to be used for teaching.


It is important that you make a commitment to attend all 6 sessions. These will be held once a month on Saturdays, from 2 pm to 5 pm.

Upcoming Yoga Vidya Sessions for 2021 will be published as soon as they are announced