Ajapa Japa


Ajapa Japa is a sadhana where we integrate awareness, breath and mantra together. It is a simple but very effective technique to improve the quality of awareness and take it from the gross to the subtle. The uniqueness of this meditative technique is that it is dynamic and based on the rhythmic movement of breath, prana and mantra in specific passages inside the body unlike other practices where we focus the mind on a fixed symbol. Thus it is particularly useful for those who want to grow in the process of meditation but are unable to concentrate.

Ajapa Japa is a complete sadhana which can take us progressively through the experience of pratyahara (withdrawing the mind from outer experiences and calming it down), dharana (focus and concentration), dhyana (meditation, experience of one-pointedness) and finally samadhi (higher experience) if done regularly.

Instructions for participants to all classes:

  • The practices are suitable for all levels of flexibility and fitness

  • Please wear comfortable clothing for ease of movement

  • Ensure that you have not eaten for at least 2 hours before class

  • Next classes dates will be announced here once it is scheduled again.