Surya Namaskara Sadhana

Surya Namaskara Sadhana (A Yoga Anubhava Series)

Surya Namaskara is an ancient technique which was used by rishis to connect with and express gratitude to the strength of the sun. Practiced in the early morning or evening while facing the direction of the sun, it is a complete sadhana in itself. It helps to bring about a harmonious development of body, mind and spirit. The practice includes asana, pranayama, mantra, meditation, and above all, a feeling of connection and reverence with the source of prana. A series of twelve physical postures are done in a sequence which vitalizes all the physical organs, and also builds up self- confidence, enthusiasm and joy.

The course will include

  • Understanding of surya upasana.

  • Learning the correct way of doing Surya Namaskara.

  • Posture, breathing, awareness.

  • Surya Mantras

  • Benefits

Instructions for participants to all classes:

  • The practices are suitable for all levels of flexibility and fitness

  • Please wear comfortable clothing for ease of movement

  • Ensure that you have not eaten for at least 2 hours before class

  • Next classes dates will be announced here once it is scheduled again