Hridayakasha Dharana

DATES : 8th-12th NOVEMBER 2021 TIME: 4.00-5.30 PM IST

Next Hridayakasha Dharana Session will be tentatively scheduled around October 2022. Please contact ADY Office @9611842554 for more details.

The experiences that we go through from the time we come into the womb of the mother to the present, create impressions and associated emotions, which remain stored within. These deep-rooted emotions often define our responses to lifeand play a major role in how we feel, think and act in various situations. Sometimes they also block our growth and creativity.

Hridayakasha Dharana is a meditative practice to recognize, understand and shift our emotional conditionings. 'Hridayakasha' means space of the heart. At the physical level, it refers to the space surrounding the heart in the chest, which is the seat of emotions. Through the practice, these emotions are evoked, felt and transformed.

The session will include:

Preparatory practices

Hridayakasha Dharana



Instructions for participants to all classes:

  • The practices are suitable for all levels of flexibility and fitness

  • Please wear comfortable clothing for ease of movement

  • Ensure that you have not eaten for at least 2 hours before class